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  Van Parking Tips
Given that vans are much larger than cars you will find driving them to be noticeably different, particulalry the larger vans in our fleet. Be aware that people may treat you differently on the roads when driving a van to when you are driving a car. Some good van driving tips are as follows;

Parking is always tricky in vans because you have restricted vision when moving backwards. Always make sure that there is no parking bollard or obstacle that you might hit while reversing, or even worse a pedestrain.  If the van is loaded your rear view mirror is likely to be rendered useless and you will rely on your wing mirrors.  It is advisable to have someone watch you back (banksman) if you are unsure as you will be unsighted.  

Still you should try to reverse into the space as it makes it easier when you are leaving again. If you want to spare wear and tear on the engine then consider reversing at the end of a journey when the engine is warm. This better than doing it with a cold engine, and there is less risk of stalling. Whatever you do it is a good habit to get into the practice of reversing so that the van rear door is up against a barrier, giving increased security. Whether you have chosen small van hire or large van hire try to park your vehicle in a well lit area or secure car park.  Obivously when parking on a street, be sure to leave enough room at the back of the van to load / unload, a common mistake made by the amateur van driver!  Be courtious to others also and don't park tight to the back of another van, the chances are they are likely to need access to the back doors!  Vans are always a big target for thieves as they are potentially filled with goods / toold which could be valuable.  Rhino always recommend that you do not leave valuables in the van and keep it locked at all times when left unattended.

When you overtake another van, truck or lorry on a dual carriageway or motorway at night they may flash their headlights to let you know that you have overtaken them. This flashing signal can also be given with hazard warning lights, roof beacons or indicator lights. The signal lets you know that if safe to do so you may pull back into your original lane.  Long vehicles may appreciate a flashing signal from you to let them know that they have successfully overtaken you. Therefore you should always be ready in case other vans, trucks and lorries expect you to let them into the flow of slow moving traffic.

By reading this guide you should know these van driving tips for when you are out on the road but be aware that other people who have hired vans may not know them. Always make allowances for van drivers who are not necessarily familiar with their vehicle or familiar with the differences between driving a van and a car. When driving a van honking your horn at attractive members of the opposite sex is not advisable and could distract you from the task in hand, particularly if you are not familiar with the van or roads.

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