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  Van Hire Tips
In order to get the most out of your van rental here are some handy tips.

1)    Conserve fuel by making sure that your tires are fully inflated. Having fully inflated tires will also be very beneficial when you are carrying a large load in the back of your van. Rhino van hire aims to get vans to you in the best possible condition but with frequent rentals it is always a good idea for the customer to keep an eye on the state of the tires and see whether they need some air. Inside the van there will be a handbook which tells you the correct tire pressure for the vehicle.

2)    In terms of fuel consumption a couple of short trips will use up more fuel so try and do one long journey as having a hot engine for longer is better for the van rather than stop starting. Using our air con systems, while a great relief in the summer, will also really eat up your fuel.

Van jargon

The space inside a van is known as a load space for obvious reasons. Box vans have a square shape mounted on top of the chassis. A box van can also be known as a Luton van if it is three and a half feet high and has a flexible load space which makes it good for moving house. Alternatively you could rent a panel van which is a bit like a transit style van and has a more of a car body.

With vans you should always know what the maximum leaden weight is, i.e the maximum that you can fill it and still be able to drive legally and mmost importantly safely. The maximum leaden weight can also be referred to in short as a payload.  The back doors of a van are sometimes referred to as barn doors. Barn doors are pretty useful if you want to get tall objects into the back of the van and they open outwards. Other types of doors are roller doors which roll upwards towards the van ceiling. Then there are side loading doors which slide open and are great if you want to get to what is in the front of the van without having to climb into the back.

A van which has two rows of seats is known as a crew cab. As well as the front row which will fit two passengers along with the driver there is a back row which can hold three passengers. Shorter vans might be called short wheel bases (SWB). This refers to the distance between the front and the back of the axles and ultimately the overall length of the van.  Many of our vans are available in SWB, MWB or LWB, if you are not sure what van you required, pleaase call our team on
0845 508 9845 and they can give you some advice.
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