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  DIY Removals Guide
Moving house is regularly ranked in studies as one of the most stressful things that human beings can do. That's why a DIY removals guide is very helpful to most people and we are happy to provide it as part of our van hire guide to small and large van hire.

Planning your journey

The first step is obvious. Find a van hire branch which is near to you. Then work out how much stuff you will need to be moving and therefore what size of van you will need. This is important as it will decide where you are able to park at the beginning and the end of your journey. It will also influence your route as you need to be aware of any height and width restrictions.

Driving a van is much slower than driving a car and so it is a good idea to overestimate how long you think the journey might take you and plan ahead what route you want to take. If the distances are short you may want to make more than one journey to avoid overloading the van which can cause driving and mechanical problems. Multiple trips will also mean that you don't need to spend so much time loading and unloading the van which could make your access easier. You will be less likely to spend time blocking people's paths or the road with multiple trips.

If you have a long way to drive you will want to put lots of thought into packing as you will only want to make one journey. Using the space in the back of the van wisely could save you a lot of time and fuel.


The first thing you will need is boxes. These can be bought in advance, or even better, acquired from many shops and retail outlets which have surplus boxes available. You may want to organise things in the van according to when you will take them out, a bit like you may do with your weekly shopping so that you can get the frozen stuff into the freezer first. Colour coding can be a helpful way to manage your boxes. Over packing boxes won't get you very far, especially if you get a hernia in the process! Put a few heavy things in the bottom of each box and then top it off with light stuff like bedding and cushions.  Ensure the bottom of the boxes are secure, the last thing you want is for the bottom of the box to break and your valuables taking a tumble.

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