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1. Introduction
(a) These Terms and Conditions of Business govern the legal relationship between you (“You”) and YelloCar Hire Limited and its affiliates (“the Company” and or “We” or “Us”).
(b) By making a Reservation (as defined below) You are deemed to have read and to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of business to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
(c) No changes can be made to these Terms and Conditions except in writing signed by a director of the Company. No employee or agent of the Company is authorized to waive or modify any of these Terms and Conditions except in writing and then only after obtaining the authorization of a director of the Company.
2. Our Obligations to You
(a) We agree to provide to You a quotation for the supply to You of a hire vehicle at a specified location on a specified date for a specified price (a “Quotation”).
(b) We undertake upon your acceptance of a Quotation, to make a reservation in your name with a hire vehicle supplier (a “Supplier”) in accordance with the Quotation (a “Reservation”).
(c) We will not take payment from You for a Reservation until We have received confirmation from the Supplier that a hire vehicle is available in accordance with our Quotation.
(d) Upon confirmation from the Supplier We shall collect payment and We agree to forward to You vouchers for production to the Supplier to show that You have paid for the hire vehicle and have made a Reservation in accordance with the Quotation (a “Vehicle Hire Voucher”). These will be sent to You either by fax, post or by e-mail.
(e) We agree to use reasonable care and skill in the performance of these services.
3. The Quotation
(a) The Quotation given to You will, unless specified otherwise, include the hire of a vehicle, unlimited mileage, third party insurance, collision damage waiver, theft waiver, either breakdown recovery or replacement hire vehicle and local taxes (except where the hire vehicle is to be used in Australia or Israel where these items must be purchased at extra cost locally at the commencement of the hire).
(b) Quotations cannot be given for specific types and or models of hire vehicles. All Suppliers place their hire vehicles into “classes” dependent on the size of the hire vehicle in question. Therefore all Quotations will be valid for a “class” of hire vehicle only rather than for a specific model of hire vehicle. We do not accept any liability if the Supplier is unable to provide a specific model of hire vehicle requested.
(c) Quotations are for the use of a hire vehicle within national boundaries. If You wish to use a hire vehicle to cross any national boundary then You must advise us at the time You request a Quotation. You must also obtain the advance consent of the Supplier to such use and pay such Supplier any additional charges or fees which it levies for granting such permission (if such Supplier will permit such use).
(d) Hire vehicles cannot be used for off-roading or any other unusual use. Hire vehicles are only covered by insurance when used on adopted made up roads.
4. Your Duty to Us
In order to provide You with an appropriate Quotation You agree to:
(a) Provide Yellohire Ltd with your correct travel details: location, dates, times, flight number (if applicable).
(b) Inform Yellohire Ltd at the time of making your Reservation of any endorsements on Your and/or any additional drivers driving licence. In particular but without limitation, all convictions for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol in the preceding ten year period must be disclosed to Us.
(c) Inform Yellohire Ltd if You or anyone that it is proposed shall drive the hire vehicle are aged under 25 or over 70 (age restrictions apply in certain Countries and are imposed by certain Suppliers).
(d) Request a hire vehicle suitable for the size of your party and luggage. Hire vehicles are insured for a maximum number of passengers and You should ensure that the hire vehicle You make a Reservation for, is of a suitable size.
5. Your Contract with the Supplier
(a) When You collect your hire vehicle You will be asked by the Supplier to sign a legally binding contract between You and the Supplier that will govern the arrangements between you both, in relation to the collection, use and return of the hire vehicle (a “Vehicle Rental Agreement”).
(b) We are not a party to this Vehicle Rental Agreement and We accept no liability whatsoever for any aspect of the Vehicle Rental Agreement. If You have any issues to resolve in relation to the collection, use, return or condition of your hire vehicle You must take these issues up directly with the Supplier itself.
(c) We are not a party to any additional services provided locally by the Supplier, We accept no liability whatsoever for any additional services payable locally in connection with a Reservation. If You have any issues to resolve in relation to the provision of additional services You must take these issues up directly with the Supplier itself.
(d) You must provide the Supplier, at the time of collection of your hire vehicle, with your and any other nominated driver’s full driving licence, which is valid and applicable to your country of residence. If you have been convicted of any motoring offence which is still recorded on your licence we must be informed of this during the booking process. If you have ever been convicted of a drink driving offence, insurance offence or any other serious road traffic violation we must be informed at the time of booking, failure to do so may result the vehicle being refused to the driver in the day of hire.
(i) Please note that United Kingdom residents must provide both parts of their driving licence, the paper copy and the photo card, if held.
(ii) Drivers must have held their licence for a minimum of one year (with some Suppliers two years).
(iii) If You hold a driving licence that is not written in English or some other main European language (for example: Arabic) and You wish to hire a vehicle in the United Kingdom or Ireland You will need to provide an English translation of your licence. Some Suppliers outside of the United Kingdom will accept an International driving licence however this cannot be guaranteed.
(iv)Photocopies of driving licences will not be accepted.
(e) We cannot guarantee that You will be provided with the exact make and model of hire vehicle shown on your Vehicle Hire Voucher, as Suppliers reserve the right to supply hire vehicles by “class” rather than by make and/or model.
(f) Suppliers retain the right to refuse to provide a hire vehicle to any person who appears to be unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances your contract will be terminated immediately and We will have no liability to You.
(g) You must return your hire vehicle within the agreed rental period. No refunds will be made on partial rentals and late returns will be charged at local rates and taxes.
(h) The use of the hire vehicle will be subject to the laws of the country in which it is driven.
(i) The Vehicle Hire Voucher forwarded to You by Us must be presented to the Supplier on your arrival at the point of hire. Failure to provide the Supplier with your original Vehicle Hire Voucher may result in the Supplier collecting full payment for the hire vehicle at local rates and / or not being able to honor the Reservation at all.
(j) If for any reason you are not content with the condition of your hire vehicle You must inform the Supplier immediately.
6. Collection of Your Hire Vehicle
(a) If You intend to collect your hire vehicle at an airport You also agree to provide to Us the flight number and estimated time of arrival of your flight. If You do not have this information at the time of making your Reservation You agree to forward it to Us as soon as possible thereafter. If your flight number is not supplied, or we are not informed of any changes and/or delays then the Supplier may not provide the hire vehicle. We accept no liability whatsoever in these circumstances.
(b) If You require your hire vehicle to be available at an airport outside of working hours We can normally arrange this for You however at the at time of Reservation this is on a “request basis” with the Supplier and cannot be guaranteed. In most cases this will attract an out of hours charge. We will supply You with details of this charge at the time of receiving your outbound flight information or if the charge is not known at that time, upon notification of the charge from the Supplier. Should your flight be delayed causing collection of your hire vehicle to fall within out of hours times this charge will also apply. Any such out of hours charges are payable locally to the Supplier.
(c) If You require your hire vehicle to be delivered at the start of your hire to a location other than at the Suppliers place of business or You require your hire vehicle to be collected by the Supplier at the end of the hire period You must inform Us at the time that You request a Quotation. These additional services can only occasionally be arranged. In order for Us to attempt to arrange these additional services We will require full details of the address and time of delivery/collection and drivers license details at the time that You make your Reservation. Where this extra service is available additional delivery and/or collection charges will apply. All such charges will be payable locally to Us.
7. Insurance Excess and Deposits
(a) Upon collection of the hire vehicle You must produce to the Supplier a valid credit card or debit card in the name of the main driver to act as a security deposit.
(b) Petrol deposits are often payable and are generally refundable if the hire vehicle is returned with a full tank of petrol or diesel (as appropriate). If the hire vehicle is not returned with a full tank of petrol or diesel (as appropriate) You will be charged locally for the petrol/diesel required to fill the tank together with a service charge for refueling. Some Suppliers hire the hire vehicle empty of petrol or diesel and it should be returned empty. Each Supplier sets its own fuel policy; We do not accept any liability whatsoever for any fuel charges levied by Suppliers. The vehicle should always be returned with the same amount of fuel it had on collection.
(c) The Supplier may also require an insurance excess deposit be made by You to cover it against the risk of damage or theft occurring to the hire vehicle. The supplier determines the amount of this insurance excess deposit. If you require details of any excess that may be applicable You may call Us for details.
(d) You are advised to check the details of the Insurance cover of the hire vehicle at the time that You collect your hire vehicle as it is common for there to be exclusions in respect of damage to items such as windscreens, tyres, undersides, roofs, wing mirrors, interiors, willful damage, vandalism etc.
(e) Nothing within these Terms and Conditions entitles any Supplier to make any charges against your credit card without your authority. In the event that any such unauthorised charges are made You should take this up with the Supplier directly. We take no responsibility for any such unauthorized charge.
8. Additional Charges
(a) In most locations adding additional drivers will attract an extra charge. We will supply You with details of such charges upon your request at the time you make your Reservation.
(b) If You require any additional items such as a child seat, roof rack, ski rack or snow chains for example, You should inform Us of this requirement at the time You make your Reservation. Such items will incur additional charges, which will be subject to local taxes. Whilst We will make every effort to secure these items for You, no guarantee can be given as to their availability (You should note that in certain regions child seats are mandatory). All payments for additional items are made locally to the Supplier, We do not accept any liability whatsoever for the provision of these services or any associated charges.
(c) Where possible, YelloHire Ltd are happy to arrange one way and/or cross border bookings. In most cases this will attract an additional one-way cost that will be added to your final charge. One way hire charges can vary between £150.00 to £200.00 for a national one way and depend on location and distance.
(d) Yellohire Ltd do not arrange any personal accident insurance, any insurance exclusions nor, any garage parking. These may be available locally with the Supplier and any associated charges will be payable to the Supplier.
(e) YelloHire Ltd must be informed if You wish to take a rental vehicle outside the UK as quotes must be obtained and documentation issued. It is Our responsibility to ensure that all vehicles are the necessary documentation (VE103 & Green Card) and covered by European breakdown and it is Your responsibility to ensure the vehicle has the necessary 'overseas' equipment e.g. warning triangle, first aid kit etc. These items will not be supplied by Us.
(f) We are not responsible for payment of any fines, parking tickets, congestion charges etc. Any charges that arise after the hire period will be billed to You the customer from the Supplier and we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any administration charges levied by Suppliers as a result of this.
9. Limitation / Exclusion of Liability
(a) We shall have no liability to You for any loss, damage, cost, expense or other claim for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied to Us by You which are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, illegible, out of sequence or in the wrong form or which arise from late arrival or non arrival of the same or any other fault attributable to You.
(b) If You use our website and/or contact Us by telephone but do not make a Reservation then We exclude all liability to You to the fullest extent permitted by law.
(c) Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by Our negligence We shall not be liable to You for reason of any representation (unless fraudulent) or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any other duty at common law or under the express terms of any contract for any loss of profit or any indirect special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of the Company, its servants, agents or otherwise) which arises out of or in connection with the provision of a Quotation, a Reservation or any other services provided by Us and our entire liability under or in connection with the provision of a Quotation, the making of a Reservation and any other services supplied shall not exceed the amount paid by You to Us for a Quotation and or Reservation and other services.
(d) We shall not be liable to You or be deemed to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of our obligations in relation to the services to be provided to You if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including without limitation: strikes, lockouts, adverse weather conditions, security alerts, airport closures, terrorist actions, Government restrictions and/or acts of God.
10. Cancellation / Amendments
(a) Following the making of your Reservation You have a seven-day period in which You can cancel your Reservation free of charge. Any cancellations made after this seven day period will attract the appropriate charge as set out in these Terms and Conditions. This applies to Reservations made with more than seven days advance notice, Reservations made within shorter time periods will be subject to the charges below.
(b) Any cancellation must be made in writing to Us (emails should be sent to admin@yellohire.com and are only accepted during working hours) and must be accompanied by any Vehicle Hire Voucher already received by You. The cancellation of Your Reservation will attract the following charges:-
(i) Within a 24 period of the hire of the vehicle there will be no cancellation refund at all.
(ii) If You cancel the Reservation within 48hrs of the date of the commencement of the hire period then we will charge £15.00.
(iii) If You cancel Your Reservation within 3 or more days of the commencement of the hire period proposed then there will be no charge.
(c) All cancellations must be received in writing by either email or fax - and must be received at these offices during our normal hours of business, Which are Monday Monday to Friday 08.30am to 06.00pm. Any Cancellation received outside of these hours will not be read until the start of the next business cycle.
(d) Cancellation Protection allows You to cancel your reservation for any reason up to 3 hours prior to the vehicle collection time and to obtain a full refund (less the cancellation protection charge). Cancellation Protection is currently available from Us and is charged by Us at £5 per Reservation. Cancellations must again be received during our normal business hours as listed above.
(e) Where possible We will attempt to comply with Your requests for any amendments to your Reservation although no guarantee in this respect is given. Each amendment to Your Reservation that can be accommodated will attract (in addition to any other charges that may arise) a £15.00 administration fee.
(f) There is an internal processing and admin charge associated with any agreements or rentals that go into arrears and this will be levied in all instances where monies are owed to Yello Car and Van Hire Ltd. This will be added to any debt of more than seven calendar days and will be due upon payment of any funds owed- this fee is £25.00.
(g) Where any debt remains unpaid after seven days we reserve the right to charge interest on the monies owed, such interest shall be calculated at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England base-lending rate for the time being in force, on a day-to-day basis.
(h) All accounts should be paid on the due date. Should payment not be received without any valid reason and it becomes necessary to refer debts to an external agency for Collection, Tracing or Litigation, then all such costs incurred will be added in full to the outstanding debt.
11. General
(a) We are entitled to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and You are therefore advised that each time you make a Reservation with Us either from a website or by telephone with our call centre, you should check the latest copy of our Terms and Conditions of business which will apply to that Quotation or Reservation.
(b) No failure or delay by either You or Us in exercising any rights under these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right and no waiver by either You or Us of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the other shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
(c) If You are a citizen of the United States of America or Canada You cannot use our website and/or Our Call Centre to make a Reservation for the use of a hire vehicle within the United States of America and or Canada. If You have accepted a Quotation and made a Reservation in breach of this clause You will not be able to collect the hire vehicle from the Supplier and Our agreement will be deemed to have been cancelled on the date that the hire would otherwise have commenced.
(d) US and Canadian citizens can use our website and call centre to make reservations for any other country.
(e) If You experience undue difficulty in resolving any issue with a Supplier We will, as a courtesy to You, but without being contractually obliged to do so, assist You in contacting the Supplier in question and will attempt to assist You to resolve such issues with that Supplier.
(f) You are always responsible for any traffic fines, toll fees, congestion charges, parking tickets all optional extras, all fuel charges, insurance excesses and deposits.
(g) Any complaints made to Us must be supplied in writing within 28 days of the completion of the hire. We will not accept any responsibility for any complaints not raised with Us within such time period.
h) We do not guarantee that our Quotation will be the cheapest price at which your specified requirements can be fulfilled nor do We guarantee that the price quoted You will be available for acceptance by You at any time after the 14th day after we have provided the Quotation to You.
i) In the event of damage to the hire vehicle You should refer to the Vehicle Rental Agreement. However in addition to complying with the Vehicle Rental Agreement You must also: -
(a). Notify the Supplier immediately
(b). Not repair the hire vehicle yourself
(c). Obtain a signed police report in respect of any accident
(d). Complete an accident form (obtainable from the Supplier)
(e). Obtain details of any third parties
(f). Obtain a signed “check out form” when the hire vehicle is returned
(g) You must not admit or acknowledge any liability. Failure to follow any of these requirements and forward all relevant information to Us and or the Supplier upon your return will seriously jeopardize and or prevent any successful claim being made by You or by Us for the return of any insurance excess charges that You may have had to pay to the Supplier (such claims being possible where damage to the hire vehicle is attributable to the fault of another only).
j) It may be possible to extend the duration of a Reservation however this must be arranged prior to any extension by contacting theYellohire office whereby any extension arranged with the Supplier will be charged at the local daily rate.
12. EnglishLaw
English law shall apply to these Terms and Conditions and both You and the Company agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
Head Office and Call Centre Opening Hours:
Head Office and Call Centre Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Sundays and Public/Bank Holidays: Closed

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